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Strega Philosophy

Strega is a fine Italian food and Neapolitan-style pizza dining experience that derives inspiration from our beautiful culture and cuisine. We cater to our customers and present food selections that will satisfy everyone from the casual diner to the food aficionado.

Additionally, wine and craft beer enthusiasts will appreciate our extensive offerings. Strega’s mission is to offer the traditional and genuine culinary heritage of Italy. Strega strives to create dishes that one would discover throughout Italy.

Strega creates an original Italian experience and appreciates the deep historical knowledge of its recipes, only using imported Italian products and cooking techniques to ensure quality and authenticity.

Fine Dining

The finest and freshest ingredients are used in our traditional Italian recipes.  You will find dishes on our menu that are reflective of authentic cuisine from various regions throughout Italy.  Our restaurant offers a cozy unique atmosphere whether you are eating in our dining area or bar area with our wide assortment of craft drinks and beer, and opulent wines.  Ordering take out from our menu is also an option.

About Our Pizza

Strega’s pizza is certified as Vera Pizza Napoletana, internationally registered by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, Napoli, IT. According with the international AVPN disciplinary, Strega realizes an excellent product of Neapolitan tradition, promoting and protecting the “true Neapolitan pizza” as typical product made with approved ingredients and equipment.
At Strega, we are extremely passionate about offering our guests a completely authentic experience in pizza. In a world with many takes on pizza, we invite our diners to experience this truly Italian dish as it would be in Italy, and more precisely, as it would be in the Naples-region, considered to be its birthplace.A Neapolitan-style pizza is the most genuine style to the heart and culture of Italy. The freshest ingredients are combined to create a savory experience that cannot be outdone. A quick passage through the ideal brick oven temperature ensures a consistent product that leaves the palate craving more. Within seconds of exposure to the brick oven heat, the crust begins to cook while the ingredients merge to create an aromatic and flavorful pie.
In Italy, the expertise of the Pizzaiolo, or pizza-maker, is of the utmost importance. His deft handling of the dough and eye on fresh and top-quality ingredients ensure a truly unique and delicious experience. This is the true secret of our pizza where the quality of the ingredients, combined with the passion and skill of the Pizzaiolo, ensures an exceptional dish every time. With a small amount of baker’s yeast added to “00” Caputo flour imported from Italy,  the dough is hydrated at 75% with fresh, crisp water and is left alone for 42 hours allowing its rich and flavor-full essence to develop.  The result is an extraordinary experience full of deep flavor, a gorgeous texture, finished with an enticing aroma.The pizza is the dish symbol of the Mediterranean diet. The real heart of the pizza is the use of simple and fresh ingredients cooked to perfection. Strega offers a truly original pizza style, handcrafted and served with authenticity and excellence in mind. We hope that our customers share the passion for the history and uniqueness of the pizza that is dearest to our hearts.

Guest Reviews

  • Worthy of 5+ stars. Ranks among the top for Italian food within the greater New Haven area. One could easily believe that they were visiting a neighborhood bistro in Rome or the East Side of Manhattan except it's here in Branford. From the moment one arrives the staff offers a genuine greeting. The atmosphere is truly inviting and comfortable [...] Ingredients were obvious from the start that nothing but the highest quality product is their kitchen's choice [...] Finally, the most important attribute to add would be the courtesy, attentiveness and professional staff of Strega. It is quite obvious that the owner has provided not only a top notch kitchen staff but of equal importantance, a top of the line wait staff. Branford is fortunate to finally have an Italian restaurant of this level.

    Peter C.
  • I can't imagine anyone writing a bad review about this restaurant, I have been there at least half a dozen times and everything is always excellent. Owner goes out of his way to be accommodating offering many suggestions and explanations about the food and it's preparation. This is a place not to be missed and has become a weekly routine for us.

    Nancy Hunt
  • Absolutely amazing. I was actually getting high eating this pizza. Now I know what euphoria feels like. I have no desire to eat American pizza anymore. We have been to Strega 3 times and every time it was excellent. If you want to know how good the food is in Italy, eat at Strega. Fresh and pure as could be.

    Val John White

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